Suasa Lumayan condo residents lodge police report against management
30 December 2016

Kuala Lumpur—Residents of Suasa Lumayan Condominium here today made a police report against the condominium's management and developer for misappropriation and failing to maintain its facilities for the past two years.

Suasana Lumayan Condominium Residents' Association chairman Muhamad Khairul Rizal Abdul Karim said the report also protested the appointment of the residents' committee members by the management on Jan 7, 2017 without referring to residents of the condominium.

"The report received the support of 580 condominium unit owners who were dissatisfied with the management for maintenance work on facilities carried out," he told reporters after lodging the report at the Salak South police station, here today.

He said the residents were confident there were leakages on the matter by the management and developer as internet cable was not installed and they imposed high maintenance fees despite not conducting any maintenance work.

"The maintenance charges are high even though the infrastructure was deplorable, the lifts are frequently out of order...yet we pay so much for the work that was not properly done," he said.

He said complaints by the residents were ignored by the management.

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