Security management flaws may lead to burglaries
The Sun Daily
Charles Ramendran
06 October 2016

PETALING JAYA: Guarded residential buildings like condominiums are not the safest haven despite the presence of security personnel and crime-prevention features.

In almost every police district in the Klang Valley, checks showed that reports of crime cases, mainly burglary, at guarded residential buildings were common.

From flaws in security management, the complacency and negligence of occupants and security guards to crooked tenants are among the causes which investigators believe may have led to the crimes.

About two months ago, it was heart-wrenching nightmare for 32-year-old media company director Faraz Shams Khan when he returned home with his family just hours after being away to find his rented unit at the Paramount View condominium in Section 22 here burgled.

The Indian national who is an expatriate with a company here said he lost RM60,000 in cash and valuables, some that he inherited from his forefathers.

"It was the fasting month and we had left our house for just hours earlier and returned home at 10.30pm on July 29. Our master bedroom was ransacked. My wife's wedding jewellery and RM20,000 cash I kept for my child's education insurance policy were gone. My priceless collection of 200 collectible coins and my grandfather's silver medals he earned from serving the British army were also stolen. Electronic appliances like the TV, computer and cameras were intact.

The thief or thieves seemed to know where everything was kept. Apart from family members and friends, we only had a foreign maid who came over occasionally to do some housework." he told The Sun.

Faraz said he learnt from neighbours that an unknown man was spotted loitering at the premises of the condominium.

management was also negligent

"I think some inside job was involved. The condominium management was also negligent in not fixing an access card security system which had been faulty two months earlier. Only recently was it fixed. Without this system, anyone can walk around the building freely." he told The Sun yesterday.

Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Mohd Zani Che Din (photo) said police found no closed-circuit security cameras were installed on the floor of Faraz's house.

"We arrested three suspects, including the security guards of the condominium but it yielded no positive leads. Our investigations will continue pending further information. Our advice is that the management of such buildings and the security companies appointed by them should improve their facilities and train their guards to be pro-active to deter such cases." he told The Sun.

In a separate case in Bandar Sunway on July 11, a woman lost luxury watches, cash, gold bars and jewellery worth about RM300,000 kept in her condominium unit on Jalan PJS11/26a when burglars broke in.

She had left her house at about 8am and returned home at 5pm to find her place ransacked.

many factors that weaken safety

Selangor police acting CID chief ACP Yahya Abdul Rahman said there are many factors that weaken the safety of such guarded residential buildings.

He said there have been cases of criminals who take up short-term tenancy at condominiums to pull off break-ins.

Yahya said there were also cases of unsuspecting occupants who allow their crooked friends to stay over at their homes and it has leads to break-ins.

rivalry between security companies

Police sources who have handled such cases in the past said another factor found to have led to such cases was rivalry between security companies.

"To discredit a particular security company and obtain the contract for the job, there are rival companies that are willing to do anything including hiring criminals to pull off such security breaches.

reliable guards

The management of such buildings must ensure the security companies they appoint are reputable and capable of providing reliable guards. There are guards who are foreigners who hold work permits as plantation or general workers. However, they are 'reassigned' and made into guards. How can we rely on such personnel?

residents should not be complacent

Residents on the other hand should not be complacent and take all necessary measures in securing their condo units just as they would for a landed property.

Nothing is fool-proof. Residents should also learn to befriend their neighbours so that they can lookout for each other during their absence from their homes."

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