Owners of undies stolen by man at Penang condo urged to reclaim them by end of next week
The Straits Times
07 July 2015

Undergarments belonging to residents hanging outside the management office of the condominium, after they were recovered from a man who allegedly stole over 1,000 pieces.        Photo: The Star/Asia News Network

Residents of the two blocks of condominiums near Jalan Masjid Negeri in Penang's Georgetown, where a man allegedly stole more than 1,000 undergarments, have until the end of next week to reclaim the items.

displayed outside the management office

A management committee member, who declined to be named, said the lingerie that were previously displayed outside the management office were taken down last Friday and kept in six boxes in the office.

too shy to claim their stolen lingerie

He said victims who were previously too shy to claim their stolen lingerie when they were hung out on display might do so now, while a couple had requested for time for their children who were out of state to return and check if swimwear, which were also recovered from the thief, belonged to them.

It was earlier reported that a 32-year-old man, who lived alone in a rented room at a unit in one of the blocks, was spotted stealing a red bra that was hung up by a resident as bait near her wet kitchen grill facing the common corridor on June 28.

A security guard, hiding nearby, saw the man stealing the bra from the corridor and followed him back to his unit where the loot, which he was believed to have stolen from fellow residents since more than a year ago, was found.

Also found in his room were broomstick handles, long staves, extendable poles and wire clothes hangers reshaped into hooks that he was believed to have used to reach into the condominium units and steal the objects of his desire.

The stolen items, which included bras, panties and petticoats, were then displayed outside the management office for the owners to reclaim. Less than 10 per cent if the items have been claimed so far.

The management committee had however decided not to lodge a police report against the culprit on humanitarian grounds, saying that the man was young and should be given a new lease of life.

It has been reported that the committee would hold a meeting to decide what to do with the items that were not claimed—whether to donate them to charity organisations or pass them to non-governmental organisations.

Women's Centre for Change executive director Loh Cheng Kooi said the management should have filed a police report against the culprit, who has since moved out of the condominium.

"Stealing is a crime. This man needs therapy. He has a fetish and needs to see a psychologist to deal with this mental problem," she said.

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