NSW targetting slumlords
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11 May 2016

New South Wales has modernized their Strata Act and it is taking affect later this year.

The government has set up the Data Analytics Centre (DAC)  and from what we understand DAC has undertaken six projects and one of the projects that we are aware of is in relation to Strata ‘Slumlords’.

The project is set up to help locate and identify and deal with ‘Slumlords’. It is believed that the ‘Slumlords’ are allowing large numbers into units that are too small to accommodate.

Quoting from CIO Australia:
‘Certain dodgy landlords were found to have been placing 14 vulnerable students into two bedroom flats, charging up to $150 per person, per week. In August 2014, the NSW government threatened to cut off electricity to these apartments to shut down their practices’

We are told that data can be sourced by various ways, by realising the usage of water and electricity in higher than normal usage is one example, Development Applications etc. are further resources that can confirm the number of suitable residence for each unit. Excessive usage, let’s say a one bedroom unit that should occupy one person or possibly a couple at most, could indicate the usage of what would be expected for six persons living in the unit. This sort of excessive data usage would be flagged and given to the relevant authorities.

The above resource referred to ‘Slumlords’, we are aware that it is not always the way that the landlord is aware, and that tenants whose name appears on the lease may be allowing large numbers of occupiers to live in the apartment and maybe collecting rent from these people without the landlord being aware.

Whichever is the case, when too many people live in cramped conditions and it is not recognised, it can cause Health and Safety issues, as well as unnecessary disturbance to other residence within the Strata Scheme.

It is believed that the DAC will put NSW as a leader nationally and also worldwide collecting data usage, to help stamp out the above.

NSW Government is not only reforming Strata, it is thinking outside the box and implementing changes through as many resources as possible as mentioned above.

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