“Well, real estate is always good, as far as I'm concerned.
—Donald Trump

Just like in North American cities, condominiums in China are sold by sales representatives in sales offices.

These offices feature large scale models of what the buildings will look like. The main difference is where a developer in Toronto may plan to build one or maybe two towers, in Changchun, the big developers will build huge communities up of twenty buildings or more.

The developers in Changchun advertise in the newspapers and with billboards. This illuminated sign for is urging wealthy Chinese to buy expensive condos so they can rent their units to foreigners.

Chinese landlord! What would Mao think of that?

Chinese developers use prestigious names for their condominium buildings, just like the developers in Toronto. However, this sign did confuse when I first saw it. I thought that it was the reception area for a European dance studio.

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