Fighting your board

This is not a good idea.

From: Neighbors At War
posted by Ward Lucas
01 April 2014

Some family members just got back from Spring Break week in Florida with stories about yet another family member who’s gotten his back up over a minor HOA dispute. An unmowed lawn, a too-high hedge, and the wrong kind of lamp in the window.

He plans to fight the HOA.

I plan to plead with him to pay all the fines, shut up and carefully plot his escape.

You will not, you cannot, win a fight against your HOA especially in Florida.

Just pay the fines. Once you have to hire a lawyer, the tens of the thousands or the hundreds of thousands you spend will pale in comparison to the amounts in the original dispute.

In other words, you lose. If you lose you’re a loser.

The HOA system is not built to protect property values or neighborly love. It’s a contentious, dispute-driven organism which creates losers.

But as an organism it does have a life cycle. Its death is inevitable.

If you can make a clean escape, or change the system from within, or spread the word to other homeowners…then you’re a winner. A huge winner.

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