Judge rules troubled condo residents can begin process to try to take back property from receiver
WFTV.com 9
19 March 2015

Orange County, Florida:
A judge ruled Thursday that Blossom Park condominium residents can begin the process to try to take their property back from a court appointed receiver.

"A tremendous weight has been lifted," said homeowner Larry Agosto.

The homeowners have complained that the current receiver, Frank Barber, has taken their homeowner association funds and has not made repairs.

Barber has indicated he will not fight any attempt to have him step down.

If the homeowners convince the court to let them take their property back, it could get some much needed repairs.
The judge also said Barber must legally turn over the records for the last five years.

Lawyers for the homeowners said Barber did turn some records over, but they have unanswered questions about how HOA fees have been spent.

Many records are missing, and a forensic accountant will go through them to see what is and isn't there.
"When I had a conversation with Mr. Barber, he indicated there were repairs done, but the buildings speak for themselves and those buildings are falling apart. Code enforcement is all over it and most of the people are moving out. It's not a safe place to live right now," said attorney Mark Lippman.

"Are you suspect about those documents that this may not be the full story?" asked reporter Shannon Butler.
"Tremendously so," said Lippman.

Homeowners must now file a motion to try to formally remove the receiver.

You can watch the three minute TV report.

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