“The apathy of the people is enough to make every statue leap from its pedestal and hasten the resurrection of the dead.
—William Lloyd Garrison

Condominiums first appeared in Ontario in 1967. In North America, they first started in Utah in 1960 and then quickly spread throughout North America.

They were thought of as inexpensive homes for the majority of Canadians who could not afford to buy a detached house.

Little did we know how popular they would become as the high prices of single detached homes and the shortage of traditional rental buildings made condos seem more attractive. Today, condos make up  of all new residential housing units in Toronto.

Condo critic
“But lots of good out there. We need to share best practices & success stories.”
—from a condo industry magazine

I am a condo critic. There are critics for restaurants, art, books, theatre, movies, architecture and politics. So why not condos? How else to counter the condo industry's endless supply of "happy news".

This is a critical look at the process of buying and living in a condominium corporation. I didn't always have such a low opinion of them but my views were soured by the five years I spent living in my second condo.

This website has little to say to those who want to live the condo carefree lifestyle by paying one cheque a month so others will do all their worrying for them.

It will also be of limited interest to those lucky owners who have, and who will continue to have, a hard working, intelligent and honest board of directors who look after their interests.

I built this website for different kind of owner; someone who knows that their condo is not being managed as well as it should; someone who finds that the property manager is rude, the board is aloft and they cannot examine any of the corporation records; someone who's condo fees go up every year but their building is poorly maintained, someone whose building has crumbling concrete, cockroaches, closed amenities, falling bricks or serious water leaks that are being ignored.

This site is definitely for someone who has received their first notice of a special assessment or if there is insufficient funds in your condo's reserve fund to meet the reserve fund study's requirements.

It should also be read by anyone thinking of buying a condominium as condos are far from being a risk-free investment. Few buyers understand that many residential condominiums are actually rental buildings with a dozens or hundreds of units owned by companies and individual landlords and that some condos contain affordable rental units, boarding houses, suite hotels and rooming houses.

Most owners don't understand how a condo corporation operates and therefore when they run afoul of the property manager or the board, they can very quickly get into serious legal and financial difficulties.

I hope this website will shed some light on how to stay out of serious trouble with your board.

It is very important that you do not consider anything contained in this website to be legal advice. If you are, or think you may become, in conflict with your board of directors it is important to get timely legal advice from a lawyer who specializes in condominium law.

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