Free from cops, criminals now running business from gated communities
The Malay Mail Online
By Ben Tan
25 November 2017

Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed says gated communities in residential areas are difficult for police to monitor and the criminals are aware of the fact.
― Picture by Roslan Khamis

JOHOR BARU, Nov 25 ― Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed revealed today that criminals are now operating from the safety of gated and guarded residential areas.

The deputy home minister said there have been cases of telephone scams, online gambling, human trafficking and also drug labs there since the police cannot go after them inside.

“Basically, their activities are difficult for the authorities to detect,” he said at a mock cheque giving ceremony in Tampoi here.

“So, the government hopes that the various residents’ associations and gated community committees can cooperate and lookout for such activities.”

The Pulai MP said gated communities in residential areas were difficult for police to monitor and the criminals are aware of the fact.

“In the past, house break-ins and burglaries were seen as rampant in non-gated residential areas, but now such criminal activities were almost non-existent with the gated community,” Nur Jazlan said.

“However, their is a new problem with criminals using gated residential areas for their activities.

“Basically, we hope that the authorities can train the various residents’ association members to identify and lookout for suspected criminal activities in their areas,” he added.

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