American man falls to his death at Patong condo
The Phuket News
Eakkapop Thongtub
11 October 2017

PHUKET: A 58-year-old American expat was found dead after jumping from the fourth floor of a luxury condominium in Patong this morning (Oct 11) over what police believe to be personal or financial issues.

The American man died after falling from the fourth floor of the Patong condo building where he was staying.   Photo: Patong Police

Capt Teerasak Boonsang of the Patong Police arrived at the scene, behind the Phuket Villa Beach Condo Patong, at 8am to find the body of the man* lying on the ground.

The man was wearing a grey shirt and black shorts with wounds on his back. A medical examination at Patong Hospital revealed that his right arm was broken and right shoulder fractured, said police.

Questioning by police revealed that the man had been renting a room on the fourth floor of the condo building for about one year.

After inspecting CCTV footage, police discovered that the man had walked in and out of his room, to the elevator, and to the balcony multiple times from around 4am this morning (Oct 11).

“He appeared to be in a state of stress. The last time he left the room, alone, was at 5:42am, to the area in front of the elevator on the fourth floor. After that, he never returned to his room,” said Capt Teerasak.

Capt Teerasak explained that a window beside the lift area remained open.

“It is believed that he decided to jump from the elevator area and died. His body was found at about 7:15am and was reported to the police,” he said.

Police noted in their report that at this stage they believe the man may have decided to jump from the fourth floor due to “personal problems”.

However, said Capt Teerasak,“We will continue to investigate further.”

* The Phuket News is withholding the man’s name until it has been confirmed that his next of kin have been notified.

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