Sun Ridge Association threatens news reporter
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02 November 2016

FLEMINGTON, N.J.  The battle between frustrated Sun Ridge Association homeowners and its management firm, Premier Management Associates, has heated up.

During an open meeting at the community pool, a homeowner accused representative Victoria Miller of questionable practices. Among the many accusations made in a monthly homeowners association meeting were sharing of confidential correspondence between homeowners and management; fostering a negative environment in the community and breach of trust. Miller denied the sharing of the letters. However, Premier Management Associates responded by promptly replacing her as the association management representative for the community, replaced by Debbie Haraburda.

threats hurled at the reporter, including a personal vendetta
to bury him

South Jersey News Reporter Joe Kane is a radio host on several local radio networks. Also he has been a homeowner in Sun Ridge for years. This week he was greeted at the community pool house by a heated discussion with association management legal representative Jeff Sirot with the law firm of Curcio Mirzaian Sirot. According to Kane, when questioned about the important issues facing the community’s homeowners and the association, Sirot responded unprofessionally with threats hurled at the reporter, including a personal vendetta to bury him.

Over the last several years, Sun Ridge Association homeowners have taken issue with the community’s management style and are creating a new website to bring awareness to the issues community wide. Their new website, dubbed “The Unofficial Sun Ridge Page” is currently under development and should be available soon.

Officials from Premier Management Associates and the law firm of Curcio Mirzaian Sirot were unavailable for comment .

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