Parkchester tenants irate over maintenance fee hike
News 12 The Bronx
22 January 2016

 Tenants at a condominium complex in Parkchester are angry after learning that their maintenance charges are going up.

Tenants at the Parkchester Sound Condominium buildings say the board of managers is upping the fee more than 15 percent. They say they were not given any notice of the increase.

Board members say the raise in fees was needed to make necessary repairs that were not taken care of by the previous board.

Angry tenants reached out to elected leaders for help. That resulted in a town hall meeting filled with about 500 people, except board members. The tenants are still holding out hope to get answers from the board in an effort to fight the hike.

Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda's office says letters have been sent to the board and the attorney general about the matter.

Reader Comments
Luciano Ricky Pizarro New York, New York
People want to live in a descent and clean place but they don't like to pay,they want everything for free and it's no going to happen.Please go some place else and get a cheap rent and a dirty apartment. The Poters and gardners is Parkchester are family guys, they work hard and deserve good salaries and they have good salaries.Maybe the people that are complaining do not belong here, good bye......

Lennyn Jacob Works at NYC Board of Education
People who purchased homes do also so that they can avoid dealing with yearly rising costs so I can understand why they are upset. Working with the NYC schools, we get like a 1-3 % salary increase and that's only after not having had a contract for years. So to receive a 15% hike in you living extremely disproportionate ...they should be irate and should be reaching out to everyone who can help them resolve the matter. People own to get some financial stability over their life.....can't happen when things like this are forced on working people.

Parkchester tenants protest maintenance fee hike
The News 12 The Bronx
10 February 2016

A group of Parkchester condominium tenants rallied Wednesday in protest of a 16 percent increase in maintenance costs.

The protesters say they've had no hint of a compromise from their board of managers, so they rallied outside the board's office.

The increase costs residents about $600 each, they say.

State Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda and state Sen. Ruben Diaz joined the rally.

Sepulveda, who described the board members as "cowards" who refused to negotiate, called on the board to explain why it increased the maintenance bill. The ongoing issue is beginning to attract attention from Mayor Bill de Blasio and the attorney general, who say they may take the board to court.

The board president told News 12 last month that the increase was necessary.

I don't get it. If the property needs repairs, the owners/tenants have to pay. Who else will?—editor

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