Neighborhood outraged over increase in HOA fees
KTNV Action News
Stephanie Zepelin
17 November 2015

A northwest valley community is up in arms after finding out their HOA fees are going up big time.
Now, the people who live there have to try and figure out how to come up with several hundred more dollars a year.
The Las Brisas community is quiet outside, but neighbors are angry over changes coming their way.
"Last week we got a letter notifying us that there was going to be a meeting of the board and they're going to be raising our monthly contribution from $154 to $255," said Ray Martinelli, who has lived there since the 1990s.
60% increase in HOA fees

Martinelli is already worried about that 60 percent increase in HOA fees. The 73-year-old takes care of his 95-year-old mother, and they are both on social security. He said his check pays the bills, while hers pays the HOA dues.
"I'm nervous about my future...and that's a fearful feeling" said Martinelli. "I don't know what my future holds for me, especially when my mother passes."
Shelter Management recently took over Las Brisas' HOA.
Turns out, the HOA hasn't been funding their reserve properly since the 1970s.
The Real Estate Commission demanded the HOA start funding their reserves, and at a mandated level, or they would have to take the association into receivership.
Shelter Management said the HOA and its members have to start heavily funding the reserve, or the state will take it over and that would make dues "more" expensive.

But who's to blame?
But who's to blame? Shelter has been trying to figure that out too and say they can't get a straight answer. Shelter Management said the problem lies with the HOA board and the board before them and the one before them.
The reserve fund should be at $1.3 million, but only has $20,000.
There will be a vote with the current board tomorrow at 4 p.m. as to whether to accept the new higher dues. Fifty-one percent of the owners need to come to the meeting and vote no in order to stop those new fees.

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