Jury awards $12M to family of man killed by stray bullet
The New Mexican
17 March 2015

A Santa Fe jury late Monday awarded $12 million to the three young sons of an Albuquerque man who was killed by a stray bullet that pierced the front door of his apartment while he was looking through the peep hole at people who were fighting in a common area outside his door.

The jury found that Eagle’s Nest Condominium Association, the owner of the condominium complex where Andrae Davis, 31, died on Aug. 17, 2011, and Roger Cox & Associates Property Management, who helped manage the property, were at fault because they had rules in place to ensure the safety of residents but didn’t enforce them.

Eagle’s Nest was assigned 25 percent of the liability for the award, and the property management company was assigned 45 percent of the liability.

The shooter, who was never apprehended, a neighbor believed to have been the intended target of the attack and the owner of the condo who had rented to the alleged target were each assigned 10 percent of the liability.

The children who will benefit from the award are 8, 4, and 3 years old.

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