Court-appointed administrator 
“…it was determined that a dictator should be appointed to retrieve
heir shattered fortunes, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was appointed by universal consent.


When a condo corporation becomes ungovernable or is in terrible financial difficulties, it may be time to apply for a court-appointed administrator to assume the board’s powers and clean up the mess.

Some condos suffered from corruption where uncollected fees, fraud and theft cost the condo tens or even hundreds of thousands. Perhaps the building suffered from dishonest contractors who did sloppy work.

The original construction may have been faulty. The warranty period came to an end, the developer moved on and the owners were stuck with building deficiencies that can take millions to repair.

Then again, the owners may have elected boards who deliberately kept monthly fees too low for years so there was no money to pay for necessary maintenance and repairs and the reserve fund is empty.

At some point, the neglect can no longer be ignored. The city may have issued expensive work orders and the city is threatening to do the repairs and add the costs to the owners' property taxes. In addition, the utility bills may be so far in arrears the hydro may be disconnected.

At this point why the condo got into such a mess is not as important as how is it going to pull itself out.

Most of the time, a newly elected board can't fix serious the financial problems that have been ongoing for years because if they try to raise the fees or declare a special assessment, the owners will requisition a special meeting to remove them.

That is when someone has to ask the courts to intervene.

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