Individual air conditioning

Driving by a new low-level condo tower on Sheppard Avenue West, I happened to notice an air conditioner sitting on a side of a unit.

Strange I thought. In North America, these wall-mounted units are usually seen on rental buildings or on an extension of a house.

Then I noticed a couple more so I went to take a look.

Sure enough, every unit has its own air conditioning unit sitting outside with most of them attached to the exterior wall.

This is very common in Asia where money is tight and no one wants to pay for anyone else's expenses.

Many units have their air conditioners mounted on cheesy-looking brackets that are mounted to the outside walls.

They may not look good but I assume that each unit has separate metering for the electricity and the residents will be individually paying the cost of their summer cooling.

Having more curb appeal but far more annoying for the owners are the air conditioners that are mounted on the small balconies. They have a protective fence around them but what a waste of precious balcony space.

This could, I suspect, make it harder to sell one of these units when the owners want to put them on the market.

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