Buying advice for seniors

There are condos that are a better fit for young people and there are condos that  are better suited for seniors.

Townhouses have a lot of stairs, especially those that have three levels. They will also need ramps, to get in and out, if a senior needs to use a walker or a wheelchair. Then, once you are inside, you got all those stairs.

A condo tower may make a lot more sense.

You will not need a basketball court, a mini-theatre, tennis courts or fully equipment gyms so why pay for these amenities? A card or mahjong room and beautiful gardens equipped with shaded benches, flowers and trees makes far more sense.

You want to live in a building that has a large number of seniors as they tend to be quieter, more respectful neighbours.

You will not want to live in a condo full of university students, young professionals or in a building with too many rental units. You will not want to hear yelling and loud music at all hours of the night and have people constantly moving in and out.

Noise can be an issue. If there are retail units on the street level, you will not want a unit that sits on top of a bar's patio or where there is a busy pub across the street or one that sits above streetcar tracks, bus terminals or busy city streets. Don't buy a unit across the street from a fire station.

You need to check the rules about pets. Even if you do not want a cat or a dog of your own, you may want to babysit your child's dog for a few days.

You will want a nearby medical centre, coffee shop, grocery store and a public park far more than a sports bar and a strip joint.

If you drive, you will want a parking spot that gives you enough room to get into and out of your car. If not now you may may soon need a walker.

A note from North York
I have been talking to single women my age (early 60's) in the building. All of them are staying here because our condo offers:
Incredible safety and security, unmatched anywhere else—after all, we have over 200 CCTV cameras and 24/7 security.
(we don't have a concierge, get your own mail, lady).
Easy for doctors and caregivers to park quickly underground; 
Easy roll-up for deliveries from drugstores or CCAC and it's a huge, quickly identifiable address.
A direct underground connection to the subway. Don't have to go outside.
That is why 80 year olds are staying put or even buying here. We had an 82 year-old single buy a two-bedroom here last month.

It has nothing to do with management because we provide no social support services whatsoever.

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