Glass exterior walls—no privacy
Leaks and mould
The Costliest Disaster in Canadian History
Beware of mould in Vancouver's hot condo market
Screwed—The story of Urbancorp's collapse
Paid my fees—lost my unit  Part I
Paid my fees—lost my unit  Part II
Excessive noise
Glass falling off Toronto's condo towers
Anarchy in the sky: The condo dream becomes a nightmare
Elevators, can't live without them
More condo horror stories
Condos in the news
Window walls
Condo resales need consumer protection
Home inspections drop drastically in hot market
Ignoring elevator guarding
That's condo life
Mom and pop investments
Hosting an Airbnb squatter
Living above restaurant with a liquor licence
Turning balconies into bedrooms
Problems with Kitec plumbing systems
Replacing Kitec piping
Raising children in downtown condos
Dealing with owners in arrears
Case Study—why owners need to stay informed
B. C. Strata (condo) fees: How much is enough?
B.C. strata councils in ‘critical’ funding state
Vancouver Sun editorial on A Conspiracy of Silence
Condo complex faces millions in code-violation fines
How low will it go? Millennium Tower’s troubles
HOA syndrome
Condo Drama of the Highest Order
The vacant truth about rental condos
Minto development mired in financial troubles
Hamilton believes Connolly project still on
Toronto’s social housing is crumbling
Toronto’s condemned social housing units
Non-Mandarin speakers were excluded from board
     Non-Mandarin speakers appealing for funds
     This dispute may be about proper maintenance
     Mandarin-speaking council settles HR case
     The settlement breaks down
     English not required: Ministry of Housing
Condo sales in BC with no cash down payment
Toronto: Canadian Real Estate Wealth Expo
‘Memorial garden’ disrupts needed garage repairs
Moose get the boot, moved to Craig
Town tries to ban negative comments on social media
Code of Conduct bans deep sighs

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