Corruption in Canada

Metro News investigation
RPS Resource Property Services
Randy Bailey
Timothy Toole—Deaconwood Mgmt Inc
Kandiah Sivaneswaran—Gold List Property Services
Patrick Au—director
Meerai Cho—$12.4 million in condo deposits disappear
     Fraud alert—Rogue PMC in Halton
     Halton man charged in $4.1 million condo fraud
     Condo boards on road to recovery
     Brett MacKenzie Leahey faces 4-year prison sentence
     Brett MacKenzie Leahey gets 4 years
Condo manager in Midland Ontario charged
Manitoba Securities Commission scheduled a hearing
Leslie Meiklejohn resigned from the Law Society of Alberta
38 Elm Street
    Flushing money down the toilets
    MTCC # 933 vs ICC & Massimo Musso
    MTCC # 933—lawsuit reported in the Globe & Mail
    MTCC # 933—many questions
    MTCC # 933—qualified audit
    MTCC # 933—lawsuit dropped
Rhonda McCarthy pleads guilty to theft & fraud  Part 1
Rhonda McCarthy sentenced to 30 months          Part 2
Terrebonne police officer facing fraud charges
Owner of Greater Toronto PM charged with fraud

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