A condo-motel lacking oversight

This condo-motel in Florida appears to be an investor-owned condo that may have no local owners what-so-ever.

It also appears that instead of renting all the units as motel rooms, a number of units have been rented/leased to families as primary housing.

The management companies that are mentioned in these news reports and in the television videos are agents of individual owners, not the management company that runs the condo-motel.

Buying a property and then ignoring your investment does not seem to make much business sense.

Kissimmee condo-motel residents living in filth
Residents at Kissimmee condos may lose power
Electricity shut off at troubled Kissimmee condo-motel

Kissimmee condo-motel residents living in filth but association won’t act, owner says
12 August 2016

KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Channel 9 uncovered more complaints about an Osceola County condo-motel, after the owner said he got concened calls from renters and later found the place trashed.

It comes a week after dozens of families at the complex had no running water.

One of the condo owners, Mike Slopecki, said he's now considering legal action.

Slopecki said he gave the condo association $6,000 to pay for renovations, but said the place was a mess.

He rushed down to Kissimmee from Chicago

He rushed down to Kissimmee from Chicago after renters told him his condo at Heritage Park Inn was a mess.

Slopecki took photos that show mattresses without sheets, what he believed is a rat hole, garbage on the walkway and a pile of trash that's several feet high.

"They're getting no service whatsoever. They won't come and clean the rooms. They barely have any linens. They have nothing there,” said Slopecki.

Last week, dozens of families said they had no running water in their rooms.

The management company claimed the owners' association didn't pay the water bill.

The association wouldn’t comment.

"You're embarrassed obviously because people are wanting to know, 'How do you represent your room like that?' And then you have to explain the actual situation to them,” Slopecki said.

A management company that represents several condo owners is suing the condo association over claims that the association doesn't pay its bills on time.


Residents at Kissimmee condos may lose power
16 August 2016

KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Dozens of families at a troubled Kissimmee condo-motel might be without power by the end of the week, a problem that intensifies an already heated battle between the property’s association and owners over claims of rampant mismanagement.

Jim DeBerry, the spokesman for the companies that manage several units at Heritage Park Inn in Kissimmee on behalf of owners, said the power company has issued a shut-off notice for the property.

must pay that bill by Friday to avoid shut-off

He said the property owes $10,000 and must pay that bill by Friday to avoid shut-off. DeBerry said the condo-motel association hasn’t paid the bills.

The water shut-off notice is the latest problem for the complex and its residents. Earlier this month, there was an issue when water was shut off at the property for several hours. In that case, DeBerry also claimed the condo-motel association had not paid the water bill.

Last week, one of the condo owners  claimed he had discovered the place trashed after several renters complained about the state of the complex. The condo owner also said he sent the condo association $6,000 for renovations, but said the renovations were never done.

trying to raise money through charitable donations

DeBerry said the management companies he represents, 2050 E. Irlo Bronson LLC and Excellence Holdings LLC, are trying to raise money through charitable donations to avoid shut-off. He said they have collected about half of the money needed.

There is a lawsuit in Osceola County pending against the condo-motel association and its manager, Hector Novoa. The lawsuit alleges the association doesn’t pay its bills on time and doesn’t maintain the property.

There is an emergency hearing in that case on Aug. 26 at 1:30 p.m. at the Osceola County Courthouse.


Electricity shut off at troubled Kissimmee condo-motel
20 October 2016

Residents at a troubled Kissimmee condo-motel are once again living without electricity.

The poor conditions at the Heritage Park Inn have been plaguing residents for months.

The power was cut off Wednesday and was still out Thursday afternoon.

Residents also got a notice their water would be shut off Thursday, so the owners made a last-minute payment, but the full balance has to be paid by Monday.

Tenant Dawn Felez said the food has spoiled in her refrigerator and she’s getting fed up with the issues. “Conditions are horrible right now,” she said.

Felez received a notice from the Kissimmee Utility Authority, the electric provider, notifying tenants that electricity would be shut off Wednesday.

“I’m glad I don’t have children or a wife because I don’t know what I would do,” said tenant Henry Alicea. “These children got to go to school. This place was dark last night.”

Channel 9’s Julie Salomone went to the office, but the doors were locked and the managers weren’t around.

A representative for the management company said the condo association board hasn’t been paying the bills. The board could not be reached.

Officials with the electric company said the association owes $25,000 in bills. Heritage Park Inn would have to pay close to $15,000 for electricity to be restored.

Kissimmee Utility Authority said the last payment it received for electricity was at the beginning of the month, and that was to cover a bounced check from September.

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