Electrical blackout
Modern society depends on electricity and that is especially so with condo highrise apartment buildings. Our electrical grids have been so dependable that we take electricity for granted.

However, city infractures are under strain and have not kept up with demand. Nor are all maintained as well as they should be. Therefore, condo residents need to plan ahead.

Just your unit
If your unit loses its power, but the rest of the building didn't, then this is not a major issue. Most likely you overloaded a circuit and power can be quickly restored.

Just your building
This is more serious. If your building does not have a backup generator, you will lose the use of the elevators. So will emergency services if someone calls 911 for an ambulance or fire services.

Backup generator
New condos have backup generators that will keep the stairwell and hallway lights and a couple of elevators working. That is about it.

Condo residents should not plug their microwaves or computers into the hallway receptacles as that will overload the circuits.

Some unthinking twits will run an electrical cord from the hallway to their unit to keep their refrigerator and TV running. There goes the elevators!

The entire district
Some condos, especially in CityPlace, get hit with numerous power blackouts. The condos have backup generators but that doesn't stop the food in the frigs from spoiling and there being no power in the units. So no cooking!

Emergency kit

You should have a couple of flashlights. That's a given. Also some cash, spare batteries for your cellphone and sufficient foodstuffs and household supplies to get you through a couple of days.

In the winter months, when there is the possibility of an ice storm, I suggest that you keep your car's gas tank close to full in case your local filling stations are forced to close.

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