The lure of condominium living
  a blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are,
  not as they ought to be."

  —Ambrose Bierce

The real estate industry has spent much time and money promoting condominium living as an affordable way of enjoying a shared, sociable and carefree lifestyle.

They tell you that you only have to write one check a month and everything will be done for you and that you'll never have to mow your lawn again. They gush that condos offer a “lifestyle” that combines apartment living with private country club amenities along with 24-hour security.

Rising prices builds your equity as you relax and enjoy yourself while, for a reasonable monthly fee, trained professionals take care of all the maintenance and the headaches that go along with home ownership.

This is perfect for busy professionals who need to spend their time working and networking and not looking after a house.

For new home buyers, condos offer an affordable way to buy a first home. As your condo builds equity, along with you adding to your savings, in a short while you will have the financial resources to buy your first house.

Seniors enjoy pleasant and independent lifestyles in an apartment. The lack of stairs makes it easy to get around their units even if they need to use a cane or a walker.

They can also live in Florida for six months a year knowing that their summer home is secure and is being well taken care of.

Condos have other uses.

Grown children buy one to house an elderly parent who is not yet frail enough for an old age home. Parents buy them as a starter home for their grown kids thinking that their living on their own, in a condo, will ease them into maturity. Family members buy condos as a place to warehouse the family black sheep who may be a drunk, a drug addict or have mental issues.

People who want a secure investment can buy one or more condos and lease them out. In time, they can sell these units and realize a handsome profit in a risk-free investment. The renters pay your mortgage.

In many new condos, owners can lease their units short-term on Airbnb and other websites.

Condominiums sound like they are the answer to many of our housing and investment needs.

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