Hoarding in a condominium is more than a disorder, it can be a serious safety and health problem.

Detecting hoarding
The condo will have contractors entering all the units two or three times a year to check the smoke and fire alarms, check on water leaks, inspect the balconies, treat insect infestations and/or service the fan coil units.

Any signs of safety or health issues due to hoarding needs to be reported to the property manager.

Aside from regular unit inspections, management may become aware of hoarding when the neighbours complain about foul odours coming from the hoarder's unit.

Recyclable bottles in living room

At the end of an AGM I attended, one woman was telling the manager that she wanted the showers in the change rooms opened. Since the swimming pool was closed, I asked the manager why was this important to her.

He replied that she was a hoarder and so she could not shower in her unit. The bathtub was full of stuff.

More recyclable bottles in the bedroom

This person saved recyclable bottles but others save newspapers and piles of papers and documents. This can be a serious fire hazard. Some units are filthy and are vermin infested.

Groceries stored in oven. Oven turned on

Some hoarders are more dangerous than others. If hoarding is combined with other mental health issues then the hoarders are a menace.

In these cases, the board must take action.

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