“When Solomon said there was a time and a place for everything he had not encountered the problem of parking his automobile.”
—Bob Edwards

Most condo units come with one parking spot although in many new developments parking spots are limited in number and are sold separately.

Most likely you own a parking spot and usually that is the only place where you are allowed to park your car or light truck.

A parking spot is for a car or a light truck. It is not to be used for storage. Extra tires, winter clothes, kids toys or sporting equipment cannot be stored in your parking spot.

This should be a no-no. Not only is the van full of belongings but the owner has piled stuff on top of the roof.

Someone in your spot
If you find that someone has parked their car in your space, it is your responsibility, not the security guards, to phone parking enforcement to have the vehicle ticketed and towed. You may have to wait up to an hour, or more, for a parking enforcement officer to show up and you will have to prove that the parking space is for your exclusive use and you must sign the parking ticket.

Once the vehicle has been ticketed, the parking enforcement officer, or you, can call for a tow truck to remove the vehicle.

Visitor parking
Parking a second car or a company truck in the Visitor’s Parking area is a sure way to annoy the other residents as their legitimate visitors will then have nowhere to park.

Some condos use a private company to ticket cars that are illegally parked on the property or their security guards are authorized to write parking tickets. A tow truck will only tow a car if it has been ticketed.

Overcrowded units
Some unit owners rent out rooms or, if in a townhouse, their basement. The renters usually have a car, maybe two. That is one major source of tension as the extra cars take up all the Visitor Parking spots and cars are parked in the condo's driveways and Fire Routes.

How rigidly the parking rules at a condo gets enforced is up to the board. Some boards enforce the parking rules vigorously and up to a vehicle a day gets towed off the property or the directors will ignore parking problems or even park their own vehicles in the Visitors' Parking area.

Anyone can phone parking enforcement if they see someone has parked in a fire route or  is illegally parking in a handicap parking spot; you don't need any special authority to do that.

Parking enforcement

Phone 416-808-2222
24 hours, seven days a week.

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