The manager is resented

There can be many reasons why the minority of the directors, and many of the owners resent their property manager and/or the manageemnt company.

The manager runs the place
If there is a weak, lazy or an inexperienced board, the manager can end up running the property. After all, decisions have to be made and a manager is paid to make decisions. Instead of the board overseeing their property manager's performance, the manager may have a free hand to run the building.

Sometimes this happens because the manager develops a close relationship with the condo's president. The two of them make all the decisions and the rest of the board goes along with this; sometimes it is because the directors don't understand their duties, or they don't want to put much effort into a "volunteer" position.

However, a board may come to resent being talked down to, especially if new directors, made of sterner stuff, get elected to the board.

At other times, the manager is overbearing when dealing with the owners.

Conflicts of interest
The manager may favour a certain contractor who may be a relative, gives kickbacks or does work on the manager's house for free or at deep discounts. Sometimes the president and the treasurer are in on it. This is fairly common.

Eventually, the minority directors and some of the owners find out about this.

Some managers act abusively towards some owners, especially the ones who are constant complainers or who are political opponents of the existing board.

Some managers, and/or the management company, may be disorganized. Invoices cannot be found; new owners and tenants are not properly registered; board meeting minutes go missing; financial statements are late; cheques are misplaced; no list of contractors exists; deadlines for contract renewals show up late so the directors barely have the time to study quotes before having to vote on them.

Status certificates are not updated and the financial statements cannot be audited in time for the AGM. Condos fees may not be paid on time or are not collected and contractors may be constantly paid late. Liens may not get registered in time.

Other issues can include contractors being constantly called in because neither the manager nor her/his staff can deal with even the tiniest of problems. The superintendent and cleaners may not be adequately supervised and therefore they may not be working as well as they should. In other condos, the superintendent is allowed to do whatever he wants and may be abusive towards some of the owners or he openly plays favourites.

Other managers ignore problems that some owners bring to their attention. In response, after a while, the owners stop complaining but the resentments don't disappear.

The manager is weak
A different problem is when the manager is too weak. Issues don't get solved, residents are not informed when they break the rules, warning letters for late payments are not sent out and poor performing contractors are tolerated.

The manager may have a habit of telling the owners one thing and the directors something else.

Bearer of bad news
Perhaps the management company tells the board that the fees are too low and need to be raised or a special assessment is required. The manager may tell the board that they are violating the Condo Act or provincial regulations.

That kind of news doesn't go over very well.

Director(s) not paying their fees
A manager who informs the board that one or more of the directors are not paying their fees may not last too long.

Day of reckoning
Over time the number of owners who have a grudge against the manager and the board grows and when the majority on the board changes, the new board may demand that the company replaces the manager. If that doesn't help, the board starts a search for a different management company.

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