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"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed.
 Everything else is public relations."
—George Orwell

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Condo News
07 November 2018

Elderly man dead in 2-alarm fire in North York highrise building
There was no batteries in the unit's smoke alarm.

Fort McMurray condo owners financially ruined by embattled rebuild
Owners of a Fort McMurray condo project entangled in lawsuits and plagued by delays are becoming increasingly desperate.
Residents have been burdened with the escalating cost of rebuilding the original complex, which was destroyed in the May 2016 wildfire.
Some are even talking about suicide.

What's the Pest Control Industry's Biggest Challenge?
It is not the bugs or rodents.

A lesson in selective enforcement and officer’s authority
The big lesson here is that a president of a condo board does not have the authority to authorize unit renovations without a majority vote of the board taken at a properly convened board meeting.

Condos and townhouses coming to corner of Birchmount and Lawrence East
Condominiums and townhouses are coming to a former Chrysler dealership at 2180 Lawrence Ave. E., a property on the edges of Scarborough’s Wexford and Dorset Park neighbourhoods.

When a community has no newsletter…
There are very few condo directors that didn’t begin their service as volunteers for their communities. Today’s volunteer is likely to be tomorrow’s active director, maybe even the future president.
However, the board should edit/review newsletters before they are distributed.

Woman leaves child in front seat as she uses screwdriver in brazen break-in
Seattle: Woman uses screwdriver to enter condos to steal from mailboxes & parcels from hallways.

Black residents at South Beach Condo say racist board members made their lives hell
"When the board changed about two years ago, that's when everything really went downhill," says Daley, who is black.

A complete bombsite': British couple's Auckland Airbnb nightmare
They ended up in a hotel room that cost only $195 more than the Airbnb rental, "with great big double room, sofa, TV and en suite."

Using smart door locks with facial recognition? China says you should think twice
The Chinese State Administration of Market Regulation is warning people to be wary about smart door locks that use facial recognition, saying that they pose high security risks and contain “hidden dangers” -- especially for those that also use smart cards to unlock.

Condo News
02 November 2018

Toronto condo crimes

I hear about the increase in crime in downtown Toronto that concerns condos.
This bicycle was locked to the metal sign pole in front of a couple of midtown condos and within an hour a thief stole the back wheel. I'm not sure why the front wheel and seat weren't taken.

This stolen bicycle was abandoned in a pedestrian walkway behind a row of condos. Working alone, or in pairs, thieves steal bicycles and then cruise around looking for opportunities to steal. At the end of the night, they often abandon the stolen bikes where ever.

How Uber Eats and Car2Go are changing the way developers build condos
Experts are already expecting autonomous car, electric scooter and bike companies to invade Canada in the coming years, giving condo developers and operators a whole new set of challenges. They could be joined by drone-based delivery services, pet-sharing companies or businesses centred entirely on delivering products like cannabis or medicine.

North Vancouver strata short-term host found in contempt of court
“The best case that I can think of is that Miss Yu accepts she’s not the sort of person who should be living in a strata and move to a house location where she has more control of her life,” a neighbour said.

Eight steps every strata council (condo board) should take when responding to a smoking complaint
BC: If a condo owner complains about second hand tobacco smoke entering their unit, the board best not ignore the complaint.

Can't find an affordable home? Try living in a Pod

The cost of housing is out of reach for many residents in cities such as Los Angeles and Seattle. One solution is called co-living, and it looks a lot like dorm life.
The pods consist of a twin bed with a small flat-screen TV in a communal bunk room, some immediate storage space and access to lockers. The kitchen, bathrooms, yard and other common areas are all shared.
To me, this looks like a flop house where you share a large bedroom with up to 15 strangers.
The price? $1,400 a month. Some co-living buildings offer private bedrooms at higher prices.

Airbnb: Buy a higher rating
Danny shows new Airbnb hosts how to rank higher in Airbnb search, increase their nightly rate with his Airbnb Optimization Report.
Another way "experts" make money off of short-term rental hosts.

Three new headaches for homeowner associations

Washington: Now residental homeowner corporations may have to worry about drones, copyrights and mould.

Former policeman filmed Airbnb guests in shower with hidden cameras
New Zealand: A policeman turned prison officer who filmed women using the shower in his Airbnb homestay in New Zealand, then uploaded the videos to a porn site, has been sent to prison.
Eleven of the videos were put on a pornography website and shared worldwide. One had been viewed more than 7000 times.
He hid the cameras in shampoo bottles.

Prestige property agent charged with $3.6 million fraud
Australia: A real estate agent specialising in luxury properties with high-profile owners, including fashion designer Collette Dinnigan, has been charged with 15 fraud offences after she allegedly misused $3.69 million which was placed into her agency's trust account by various clients over the course of two years.

Fire that left 120 families homeless caused by cigarette butt

Sharjah UAE: Suspects questioned as police urge care in discarding embers.
A discarded cigarette caused the fire that gutted a high-rise in Sharjah and left 120 families homeless, investigators say.
A report from the Sharjah Police forensic laboratory found the January 25 blaze began after a cigarette was thrown from the fourth floor of Al Baker Tower 4 and landed on the balcony of apartment 104, setting clothes and papers alight.
The fire quickly spread to the rest of the 25-storey building. Of the 125 flats, 51 were gutted and 14 cars parked nearby were also destroyed.