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"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed.
 Everything else is public relations."
—George Orwell

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14 December 2018

Ontario Auditor General finds serious concerns over elevator safety
Doug Guderian, president of elevator contractor Elevator One, said the numbers in the report show a “concerning trend,” but said the state of Ontario’s industry still compares favourably to other jurisdictions.
“I’d rather ride an elevator 20 times in Ontario than once in Quebec,” he said.

Ontario safety agency failing to do its job properly, says auditor general
The agency responsible for inspecting elevators, pipelines, furnaces and ski lifts in Ontario is failing to meet its mandate to protect public safety, warns the province's auditor general in a new report.

Panicked residents trapped on balconies as highrise burns
A major fire at a highrise apartment building east of downtown Ottawa forced residents onto their balconies to wait for help and caused several people to be treated for smoke inhalation.
Emergency crews were called to 251 Donald St., a 21-storey, 239-unit Ottawa Community Housing building east of the Vanier Parkway, just before 5:30 a.m. Wednesday.
It's unclear when the hundreds of people living there will be able to return home. They are currently receiving support from the Red Cross and the City of Ottawa.

Taxi news
The City of Toronto now has 5,500 licensed cabs competing with some 70,000 Uber and Lift drivers. Even with the market value of plates down to around $30,000, and leases less than $400 a month, few people want to drive a cab.
Source: Taxi News

McGibbon project officially cancelled due to 'circumstances beyond our control,' developer says
Another condo development, this one in Georgetown, Ontario, that will not be built. Owners getting their deposits back.

7 reasons to never host on AirBNB
Here is what you need to know coming from someone that has managed Airbnb listings for over two years.

Strata (condo) should pay for drainage problems
Condo drain backs up & wreaks a kitchen. Who should pay? The owner or the corporation?

Harlem homeowners face increasing repairs as lawsuit drags on
The condo board has spent more than $1.5 million on repairs to the building's deteriorating facade and roofs to fix leakage problems and more than $500,000 on costs such as legal fees, project management and consultations with architects, according to the board's budgeting materials.
"We're constantly finding new problems and dealing with new leaks and ultimately had to replace an entire roof beyond what we thought we would have to do," Rianbolt said. "We probably will have to replace all the roofs because they were installed improperly. It's a real hardship on the owners."
The building is currently surrounded by scaffolding because pieces of the facade have fallen off the building, Rainbolt said.
L+M converted the former school building into a residential complex with 75 units, launching sales in 2009. The first tenants moved into the building in 2010, but the development was not 100 percent sold until 2012.
Another example of a condo conversion scheme that is in serious trouble.

How to force condos to address bed bug issues?
USA: What am I supposed to do if the other owners are negligent and the HOA can'y be bothered to force them to inspect and treat if necessary?
You can't afford a lawyer & the board doesn't care. What can you do? Sell and get off title. There are no other answers.

Condo News
06 December 2018

Rental lottery with 50:1 odds reveals dark side of Toronto's housing boom
Ross is hoping to win one of 75 rental apartments in a lottery run by the city’s public housing agency. She’s up against 3,779 others, so the odds of winning are only about 50:1 but figures it’s as good a chance as any of finding a place to live.
Long priced out of home ownership, Ross is now being squeezed out of the rental market as the country’s biggest population boom since 1957 sends prices surging in Canada’s biggest city.

Cost of rent in downtown Toronto

This ad is for a DEN. A den in a downtown condo may be able to fit a single bed and not much, if anything, else.

Home buyers move east in Hamilton and are turning to condos
Hamilton’s real estate market is changing with a shift in emphasis eastward to where prices are more favourable. As well condo-apartments sales are going through the roof.

Why low-income earners should actually welcome Ontario's reversal on rent control
There's no question that there are problems with affordability and livability in certain areas of Ontario, but implementing rigid rent control measures is not the way to fix them.

Montreal couple returns from night out to find dozen strangers partying in their home
Thousands of dollars worth of valuables stolen, apartment trashed by people claiming to be short-term renters

Most Montreal condo investors are paying out more than they make in rent
A report by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. suggests a majority of landlord investors who bought properties in large, high-rise condominium buildings in downtown Montreal are not collecting enough rent to recoup their operating expenses.

Chilliwack RV fire sparks a warning about space heaters

Fire officials are reminding homeowners that all heaters need at least three feet of space apart from anything that can burn, and they should also be placed on a solid, flat surface.
Condos may have tehm in security huts and in maintenance rooms. Some one needs to be responsible for checking on them on a regular basis.

Strata short-term rental bylaws
Some strata corporations (condo corporations) have bylaws to limit or ban short-term rentals. As of November 30, 2018 the fine for owners or residents violating a short-term rental strata bylaw will increase to $1,000 a day.
If a strata corporation and its owners are considering adopting a bylaw to limit or ban short-term rentals it is very helpful to consult with a knowledgeable strata lawyer. Short-term rentals are a complex topic and there are many factors to consider.

Will cook and clean … for a room in your home
Dautovic, the CEO and Founder of The Room Xchange , says trading a couple of hours housework for a room of their own could be the stop-gap millennials are looking for as they struggle to get into the housing market, either as tenants or owners.

7 Reasons To Never Host On AirBNB
Here is what you need to know coming from someone that has managed Airbnb listings for over 2 years.
It is not worth it as a ‘side hustle’, unless if you live on-site or if you want to do it full time, Airbnb is NOT your friend.

Not all sedans are dead, just the American models
Why is the Oshawa GM plant closing?
The American car companies have never been able to shed the reputation they gained in the 1970s for making lousy sedans.
Look at Toronto taxis. Twenty years ago, they all were Detroit sedans but today almost all are Toyota Camrys.
The American car companies now say they are going to count on profits from trucks and SUVs while moving toward autonomous and all-electric vehicles. They had better hope that transition takes place quickly.
While the top-three-selling vehicles in the U.S. are, indeed, American-made trucks, No. 4 on the list is Nissan’s top SUV, the Rogue, the sales of which have gone from 18,000 in 2007 to 403,000 last year. No. 5 is a Toyota SUV, the Rav4 (407,000 in 2017). No. 6 is the Honda CR-V (378,000).
And the leading American SUV? It’s the Chevy Equinox. Last year, Chevrolet sold 290,000 of them — 100,000 fewer than the Toyota Camry.