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"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed.
 Everything else is public relations."
—George Orwell

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Condo News
11 August 2018

Ontario: New regulations applicable to condo pools
New regulations governing the operation and maintenance of pools (including pools in condos) came into effect on July 1st, 2018.

Heavy showers hammer downtown Toronto condos

This photo is of damage to a condo parking garage near Fleet Street. However a dozen downtown condos were badly damaged during the 07 August heavy showers. A few condos lost the use of all their elevators as the water filled the elevator pits.

Toronto condo owner who discovered unit was rented 70+ times on Airbnb wins case against tenant
Jovasevic spent thousands of dollars fighting for compensation for damages she believes were caused by at least 70 Airbnb guests — and to evict a tenant she believes never actually moved in.
This is another case where an owner finds out that her leased investment unit is being short-term rented. There are dozens of small companies that use rented condo units to make money renting them out short-term.
Some owners know this is happening and as long as their monthly rent cheques keep coming in, they are quite happy with this arrangement.

Dipika Damerla is running in Mississauga's Ward 7
Ms. Damerla lost her seat as an MPP but still wants to work on behalf of the citizens in Mississauaga.
Condo owners may be aware of how hard she worked to help us get improvements made to the provincial Condo Act.

Halifax, Charlottetown, look to regulate Airbnb
I have to ask that if the municiplaities want more rental housing then the government should either give incentives to the private sector to build them or they should build them themselves.
I don't think playing cat and mouse with Airbnb, and all the other short-term companies, will solve that much unless the municipalities put a lot of resources behind this effort.

Fortress says receivership won’t halt Union Waterfront project
The company behind the controversial Union Waterfront condominium development in Port Dalhousie maintains it's still going ahead with its plans despite the project going into receivership.
Fortress Real Developments said in an email Tuesday that a court order appointing a receiver to the St. Catharines project has no impact on it.
"Fortress' focus at this time will be working alongside the receiver to guide the project through the approvals process," the company said.
I don't think I would buy a pre-construction unit. I'd wait until it was completed and residents have moved in.

BC: Police investigating pre-sale development; condo buyers out hundreds of thousands

In court reports, the receiver for Murrayville said they'd found some of the units were pre-sold more than once – and as many as four times in some cases.
Mounties confirmed there's an investigation relating to the project.

Growing cannabis at home in B.C. won't be illegal, but it won't be easy either
B.C. will allow adults to grow up to four cannabis plants at home under new recreational cannabis laws, but they aren’t going to make it easy, and if you get it wrong fines and jail time could result.

Marijuana fumes dispute drives Augusta condo neighbors to court
A judge has ordered the medical marijuana patient to stop smoking at home, at least temporarily.

A Wyoming HOA president sentenced to three years probation
Court records say Miller was president of the homeowner's association and had an "ongoing battle" with the victim regarding the condition of the victim's rented property.
On Nov. 26, Miller went to the victim's house and urinated in the victim's generator. An argument ensued, and the victim then went back inside his house.
Miller reportedly picked up a wooden post and used it to break the victim's sliding glass door. He then entered the victim's home and hit the victim with the post.

Condo News
06 August 2018

Ontario’s new elevator-access law seems to have broken down
Wynne Liberals gave legislation royal assent, but implementation is stalled under the Conservatives

Tower crane use up 10 per cent nationally
From January 2018, Toronto had 88 cranes on construction sites and the number increased to 97 in July 2018.

"Ready to adult? Become a condo owner in Etobicoke"
This is the title of a link from a condo developer website trying to tempt youngsters to move out of their parent's home and buy one of their condos.

Some rooms for rent in Toronto are now advertising 'no cooking' in the units
So the condo residents want someone to rent a room for $600 a month but who not be allowed to cook in the apartment. I guess they will have to live off corn flakes and peanut butter sandwiches.

First-time homebuyers in Barrie squeezed by falling property values
Prices dropped about $100,000 and possession will be a year late.

Blue Quill apartment fire started by cigarette butted out in potting soil
Every unit was destroyed by the fire.
So far this year, Edmonton has had 54 fires caused by smoker's materials, leading to an estimated $19.3 million in property losses.

Condo sales slump as more Edmontonians opt to rent
Condos sales down 8% from 2017, vacancies up more than 20%.

Everyone knows condo towers need repiping
BC: Chan v. The Owners, Strata Plan LMS 1781
During this small claims case, at paragraph (52) the condo rep says that the water leaks were due to the building’s age and stated:
“Everyone living in lower mainland is aware that any high-rise or low-rise building is subject to repiping any time after 15 year of its life depending on corrosion, its hot water supply system and several other factors.”
The Tribunal Member then stated:
"If this is true, then the strata admits it ought to have known that repiping was likely required in a 21 year old building with original copper piping."
I don't think that "everyone knows" that condo towers will need repiping anytime after 15 years. If they did, they would be asking a lot more questions before buying a unit in an older condo.

Neighbours' lives turned upside down by Airbnb and other 'disruptors'
Australia: Defecating in the sauna. Breaking bottles in the apartment tower’s swimming pool. Leaving running taps on so apartments flood. Vomiting in the foyer.
This is just some of the behaviour Katherine Hughes has seen from short-stay guests in her A’Beckett Street apartment tower.

Case halted until owners corporation (condo) give security for costs
A condo in Australia was so broke that it couldn't sue its previous law firm until they gave Security for Costs in the event they lost.