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17 August 2017

Rhonda McCarthy, Ontario condo property manager goes to jail
Records from 2009 showed McCarthy used accounting software to forge cheques totaling $909,000. After printing the cheques, she forged the signature of the company president.

Judge Dawson said the money was used to finance a lavish lifestyle for McCarthy, spending the money on “travel and cars.”

“This was pure greed,” she said. “All of these lasting impacts on all of these people, all so Ms. McCarthy could go to spas, travel and live the good life.”

Toronto—Short-term rentals
The City of Toronto is holding four open houses on the proposed new rules for short-term rentals in Toronto. Details about the open houses are also posted on our website.

The input the City receives at these open houses will be used to finalize the short-term rental rules that will be presented to Executive Committee in the fourth quarter of 2017.
We welcome you to drop in any time between 3:00 and 8:00 p.m. We will be making a short presentation on the new rules at both 4:00 and 7:00 p.m.
Date & Location
Wednesday, September 6
City Hall, Committee Room 2
100 Queen Street West

Monday, September 11
North York Civic Centre, Council Chambers
5100 Yonge Street

Wednesday, September 13
Etobicoke Civic Centre, Main Boardroom
399 the West Mall

Tuesday, September 19
Scarborough Civic Centre, Committee Room 1
150 Borough Drive, Scarborough
If you would like more information about the proposed new rules for short-term rentals, please see the email below or review the Executive Committee decision here.

Amy Buitenhuis
Senior Policy and Research Officer
Policy and Strategic Support
Municipal Licensing & Standards
City of Toronto

Home sellers struggling with closing complications after big chill hits market
Formerly frenzied buyers in the GTA are reconsidering purchases made in the heat of the market.

Time for a review of the Strata Property Act
Columnist claims that the BC Civil Resolution Tribunal cannot keep up with condo dispute work loads. The Act needs to be-visited.

Massive heroin raid in Michigan, possible connection to Mexican cartel
In all, agents seized 88 pounds of heroin and over $500,000 in cash, totaling the value at over $4.5 million. “The strategic location and nature of the rental of the condominium is indicative of a sophisticated drug trafficking organization,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Hutting said.

Bristol man accused of stealing guns likely headed to trial
A city man accused of stealing more than $4,000 worth of guns and jewelry from a local condo is likely headed to trial.

Lesson here? When breaking up with someone, change your condo, mailbox and car locks.


Condo News
06 August 2017

Ontario: Toronto Star legal Q&A column
Gerry Hyman, condo law columnist, answers questions.

Police considering role of drugs in death of man at downtown Toronto condo building
Not too much a condo board can do as long as the on-site security are First Aid/CPR qualified, the security cameras work and management is not aware of any drug dealing in the building they have been ignoring.

Fire at Halifax condo building caused by careless disposal of smoking materials

So we have discarded cigarette butts dropped into a planter starting a fire and a propane tank exploding. Result? Twenty people now temporarily homeless.

Dear Abby: condo neighbor wears out her welcome
Neighbor needs more help than this couple is willing to provide.

Don't forget to take your gun with you
A few people who rent condo units in Florida, forget to take their gun with them when they leave. Cleaning staff find them.


Condo News
03 August 2017

Buyer who walked away from real estate deal ordered to pay $360K
BC: Would-be buyer ordered to pay the difference after house ultimately sells for 28% less

Countdown to roll out of condo law reforms starts
Industry prepares for new fees, rules as Ontario provides update.

A nation of realtors in Canada is bracing for the end of the boom
The looming slowdown threatens to trigger an exodus that could wipe out thousands of jobs and force the economy to shift down.

Toronto has 48,000 realtors. By comparison, with similar population, Chicago has 13,500.

Toronto ranked number 1 city in Canada for bed bugs
Here’s the top 10:
• Toronto
• Winnipeg
• Vancouver
• Ottawa
• St. John’s
• Edmonton
• Halifax
• Sudbury
• Scarborough
• Calgary

Edmonton woman receives $11K power bill for condo as if ‘paying for the whole building’
Takes to Twitter to get her bill reviewed.

Balcony fire doused
Operating a BBQ on a condo balcony, especially if it is a wood one, is not advised but this owner did a great job of controlling a BBQ grease fire. No property damage and no one hurt.

Millennials are buying homes because of their dogs, not marriage or kids
Well, they could stay in their condos if they owned a cat.

A handle too high: 82-year-old wants a solution to her condo-door problem
Deutsch and her husband, Gene, have spent winters at The Promenade for nearly 10 years. The 112-unit condominium has been undergoing a $2.6 million remodeling project since July. Part of the project included new front doors for the units.

The couple paid their share for the remodeling assessment, which equated to more than $20,000. It was when the doors arrived in February that 82-year-old Deutsch realized she had a problem.

Big city completes uglification project
That is what happens when city planners run amuck.