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Toronto’s five decades of condo growth, mapped
Condo defects
Buying pre-construction
Condo living
Battling your board
Donie Vanitzian's columns from the LA Times
Major repairs & replacements
Suppliers & contractors
Condo residents quarrelling
Short-term rentals / Airbnb / rooming houses
Can anyone buy a home?
Social engineering
Commerical—retail condos
Shared facilities

Toronto’s five decades of condo growth, mapped

Condo defects
Faulty Towers: Who's to blame...?
Printing Factory Lofts—construction defects
Why Condos are a Living Nightmare—Maclean's magazine
The house inspector verse the real estate agent
The cost of replacing condominium tower components
Falling bricks, not uncommon
Conflicts of interest—property management companies
Condo owners in Cleveland win $12 million plus property settlement
Lessons to learn from the Elliot Lake mall disaster  Part 1
Judge's comments on Elliot Lake criminal charges  Part 2
The Condominium Boom by Audrey Loeb   Part 1
The Condominium Boom by Audrey Loeb   Part 2
New windows already cracked, mouldy
Icon resident wakes up to apartment covered in water
Lake Ontario flooding seeps into Toronto condo buildings
Ottawa condo owners fight back with class action against builder
Nova Scotia condos hurt by widespread workmanship woes
Kings Wharf developer disputes condo workmanship report
Replacing balcony glass
Structural weakness, coercion and duress: condo project off the rails
Threat of Lawsuits Crimps Condo Developments
Why are condos so crappy?
Toronto's glass condos burning thermal holes in the sky
Is one of Tampa Bay's premier condo towers sinking?
Law firm recovers eight figures for an Orange County Association
Woman claims defective Chinese drywall killed husband
Florida: $10M construction defect verdict in Fire Code case
High-end condo residents sue over frigid temperatures, mold
Folly Beach orders Pavilion Watch condos shut for structural repairs
Construction mistakes may be cause of condo balcony collapse

Buying pre-construction
Construction Defect lawsuits often hinge on document retention
Ottawa condos’ developer vows to remedy every ‘deficiency’
Money down, but Winnipeg condo buyers waiting for units to be built
View of the park turns out to be view of gas pipes
Toilets & drinking water coming to Japanese condo elevators
Ohio Homeowners Deal with Costly Construction Mistakes
Law firm recovers $2.33 Million for condo with construction defects
Condo project gets gates to separate homes from rest of development

Condo living
A special assessment. What does this mean?
Small condo buildings give owners more say—and more responsibility
Make a bedbug trap for $1 using household items
A funny HOA meeting as the world's microcosim
Neighbour vs. Neighbour
Accessible condos in Toronto don’t exist
Nun's soup kitchen imperiled by SF Mission condo owners
New Thornhill ratepayers association's main concern is noise
Accessible condos in Toronto don’t exist
Texas homeowner groups want lawmakers to cap HOA fees

Battling your board
Taking our building back
No Volunteers Willing to Serve on the Condo Board; Chaos Ensues!
Russett shows the problems with HOAs and condos
Hard feelings on both sides in long-running feud         (part 1)
Condo critic has the right to be offensive in long feud  (part 2)
Court lifts restraint against vocal condo critic                (part 3)
When Neighbors Tangle Online
Defamation claim can go forward
Trump Village defamation lawsuit didn't go well for defendents
Trump Village Coney Island hit with lawsuit
Mississauga woman's bitter battle with condo board not uncommon
Florida: Condo enforcement: Pay $25 late fee or… lose your home?
Why dictators hold elections

Donie Vanitzian's columns from the LA Times
Board sabotaged association bank account, obstructed treasurer
Homeowner association manager has anger management issues
This HOA speech-chilling anti-harassment rule is fraught with problems
Manager tells directors what to say & how to vote during board mtgs
Titleholders can get restitution from bad management
Does a condo owner have to provide an emergency key?
Can homeowner boards hold frequent 'emergency' meetings?
Titleholders best interest to make sure HOAs have all their addresses
Damage caused by a common-area source is association's responsibility
Directors acting as property managers can pose a liability threat
The limits of homeowner's insurance at a homeowners association
Didn't pay your HOA assessments? Get ready for steep penalties
Contractor owned by management company creates a conflict of interest
Does a seller have an obligation to inform buyer about a noisy neighbor?
Is an $11-million termite job legit or a scam targeting the elderly?
Suing your board without an attorney — but think twice first

Major repairs & replacements
The high costs of underground parking
How ‘re-skinning’ Toronto’s older condos makes good sense
Maintenance—Catch 22
Problems persist 2 years after fatal explosion destroys homes
Toronto's glass condos burning thermal holes in the sky

The Portland Hotel Society scandal
Canadian politics can be nasty and corrupt
Political donations good for business
Taxpayers bilked in kickback scam, alleged free cleaning for ministers
Liberal who lost Montreal riding nomination appeals results
Tories hire private auditors to watch their own nominations
Cancer foundation co-founder misused donor cash, judge finds
The man who seduced the 7th Fleet

When lawyers get caught
Why complaining to the LSUC about condo lawyers seems futile
The lawyer who is taking on Toronto’s condo developers
How to win in small claims court
The difference between general & limited proxies
Why an owner should never ignore a letter from the condo board
Police need warrant or prior permission to snoop in common elements
Thoughts on Ontario Residential Landlord and Tenant Law
Is mediation and arbitration a trap for condo owners?   Part 1
Is mediation and arbitration a trap for condo owners?   Part 2
Using the full strength of your case in mediation
Airbnb Defends Arbitration in Push to Dismiss Discrimination Suit
Jilted elevator company suing condo association
An Oxford comma changed this court case completely
Showing how Dodson and Fogg were men of business

Suppliers & contractors
Rebecca MacDonald’s Just Energy: Golden era over for gas marketer
The Fee Fighters
In Toronto’s hot real estate market, everyone wants to be an agent
Toronto Condo News

Condo residents quarrelling
Egg-throwing, scooter tampering, prank calls: Seniors’ condo battle
Nasty condo neighbor sentenced to 18 months in jail
Valley National Bank Sues to Determine Control of Greenacres HOA
Delay rebuilding fire-ravaged condos sparks legal battle

Short-term rentals / Airbnb / rooming houses
Airbnb offers lifeline to beleaguered renters
Rented house turned into a rooming house
Airbnb causing condo conflict in Vancouver
Airbnb’s Opaque City Tax Schemes Are Facing Fresh Scrutiny
Toronto condo dwellers fight the short-term rental boom
Airbnb doesn’t play fair, say Toronto hotels
Diane Francis: It’s time to clean up the so-called ‘sharing’ economy
Gunshots, home ‘destroyed’ at 2 short-term rentals since Thursday
Florida condo buyer sues seller and broker—claims misrepresentations

Dog waste a problem in Liberty Village
Dog-run in local park pits neighbours against each other
Dog owner frustrated by condo’s sudden enforcement of pet by-laws
Surprise! You now live beside a dog walk

Hidden cameras at City Park Co-op shock residents
Hidden camera in Minto Plaza condominium
City approves more ALPR cameras as part of safety plan

Buying a Condo
How to use & not use social media for condo/HOA communications
New York City condo board wants to evict falcons
If you think Congress is tough, try serving on a condo board
Getting good help to serve on the board
Charting Toronto’s condo price increases
A notorious piece of Washington real estate struggles to find buyers
In USA, condo superliens under attack
Toronto's skyline, 13 years apart
Condo board maintains purity of bloodline
Water-repellent paint splashes public urinators with their own pee
Life-lease: What is it?
How Canada’s big banks pumped up the housing bubble

Can anyone buy a home?
Homeless man "buys" Hamilton condo
Mortgages for all
Houses aren't bananas  (Fixing the affordability problem)

Auditor scandals 1
Auditor scandals 2
Auditor scandals 3
Report basically being used as propaganda
Court upholds $118-million award against negligent auditor
PwC settles $5.6B negligent auditing case mid-trial
Ernst & Young fined $9.3m for auditors' improper relationships
PwC settles midtrial in MF Global accounting malpractice case
Reforming the audit profession

Social engineering
The ideas behind mixed-income neighbourhoods
Tomorrow's James Dean Will Ride a Bicycle
High-rise solution to affordable inner-city living has failed

Commerical—retail condos
The office condo – an overdue development, entrepreneurs say
A failed condo retail project
Why retailers should learn to love condos
Toronto's ghost town condo mall
Condo conundrum: How to fit retailers into the mix
Toronto: Condo developments threaten hundreds of hotel jobs

Shared facilities
To Pee or Not to Pee, That is the Question
A poisonous feud in wealthy Yorkville
Shared facilities agreements increasingly complex
NYC condo boards suing gyms inside their buildings