Paid my fees—lost my unit  Part I
Paid my fees—lost my unit  Part II
Taking our building back
No volunteers willing to serve on the condo board; chaos ensues!
Russett shows the problems with HOAs and condos
Hard feelings on both sides in long-running feud          (Part 1)
Condo critic has the right to be offensive in long feud   (Part 2)
Court lifts restraint against vocal condo critic                 (Part 3)
When neighbors tangle online
Defamation claim can go forward
Trump Village defamation lawsuit didn't go well for defendents
Trump Village Coney Island hit with lawsuit
Why owners should care
Condo drama of the highest order
Mississauga woman's bitter battle with condo board not uncommon
Woman's power cut by condo after charging electric car   Part 1
Battle over electric cars in condos rages on                        Part 2
Surrey condo residents rise up against strata after $40,000 in fines  Part 1
Surrey condo renters planning to move out   Part 2
President of D’Corize sees nothing wrong with using cameras   Part 3
Florida: Condo enforcement: Pay $25 late fee or… lose your home?
Naperville woman can’t hold church services in her basement
California restored free speech rights to condo/HOA members
Terminating the AGM   Part 1
Why dictators hold elections

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