Canada isn’t immune to a US-style housing crash
Beware of the too-cheap Toronto condo
Mom and pop investments
Turning balconies into bedrooms
Toronto Fire Services cracking down on illegal rooming houses
The vacant truth about rental condos

Short-term rentals / Airbnb / rooming houses

Airbnb offers lifeline to beleaguered renters
Rented house turned into a rooming house
Airbnb causing condo conflict in Vancouver
Inside one of Richmond's growing number of illegal hotels
Toronto shuts down short-term rentals on Dundas St. over safety fears
Airbnb’s Opaque City Tax Schemes Are Facing Fresh Scrutiny
Toronto condo dwellers fight the short-term rental boom
Airbnb doesn’t play fair, say Toronto hotels
Diane Francis: It’s time to clean up the so-called ‘sharing’ economy
Gunshots, home ‘destroyed’ at 2 short-term rentals since Thursday
Hosting an Airbnb squatter
Florida condo buyer sues seller and broker—claims misrepresentations
Private Eye receives 'hundreds' of cases about secret recording devices

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