Bad habits

Some smokers give all smokers a bad name. Their bad habits include:

Discarding their butts wherever they walk on the property.

Smoking near the lobby entrance so everyone has to breath second-hand smoke as they walk in and out of the building.

Dropping their lite butts onto the hallway floors and leaving burn holes in the carpet.

Throwing lit cigarette butts off their balconies. The butts fall on the balconies below and burn the seasonal furniture.

During the summer of 2004, when visiting a friend at his condo, we had to move off the sidewalk in front of the lobby because of the number of butts that were thrown off the balconies. In an hour at least six fell nearby. One fell by the curb and set a small piece of cardboard on fire.

At a downtown condo in early 2015, on the same Saturday night, dropped cigarette butts started a fire on a lower balcony and a fire in a ground floor garbage dumpster.

Smoking on their balconies so second-hand smoke drifts into their neighbours' units.

Smoking in the staircases.

Throwing lit butts down the garbage chutes.

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