Check for fire stops

Holes for plumbing pipes that are drilled through the concrete floors

A firestop is a fire protection system used to seal openings and joints in fire-resistance rated wall and/or floor assemblies. Firestops are designed to restore the fire-resistance ratings of wall and/or floor assemblies by impeding the spread of fire.

Firestops will also help prevent smoke and odors from travelling from one unit to another.

Smoke and fumes can travel between the units.

Older condos

Older condos may not have any fire stops at all. Earlier firestop requirements have been improved over the years so firestops in older buildings may allow for smoke to travel freely between condo units.

Fire stops are the fire-proof materials that seal the holes.

Second-hand smoke
If you are having problems with second-hand smoke entering your unit, check to see if there are firestops between your unit and the unit where the odours originate.

Check for water pipes under the sinks, electrical cabling and the water pipes in your heating/ cooling units.

An engineering study may be required to find the source of the problem.

It is often necessary to install new electrical cables or mechanical systems piping through a hole in a fire-rated barrier which has been properly fire-stopped during initial construction.

When this happens, the firestops are referred to as being "re-entered". Firestop re-entries must be properly resealed.

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