West Don Lands

The West Don Lands is a large old industrial area near the mouth of the Don River that is presently being developed into a large multi-unit residential community. This is publicly owned land that is being opened up for development.

The area will contain a community college residential tower, a YMCA, new parklands, a TCHC project, market condominium towers and townhouses, a seniors tower and affordable rental units.

Canary District
Canary District, presently under construction, is the marketing name for the first condominium development built on this site.

The buildings will be used as housing for 10,000 athletes during the Pan Am Games. Afterwards, the units will be cleaned and retrofitted before being sold as condos.

Size of Development
Phase I will have 805 units of market condominiums, 15% of which will be reserved as affordable ownership. Phase II will be future development of
three blocks.

The Canary District is being built in phases. Phase one, which includes 805 suites on two development blocks located on Front Street east of Cherry Street. It will consist of two condo towner's and a block of townhouses.

Permanent suite finishes will be installed following the Games to ready the units for permanent occupancy in early 2016.

Future phases will include additional market condominiums on three development blocks. There will be 18 acres of new parkland and 40,000 square feet of retail space.

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