Internet rental companies

The Internet has given transient rentals in condo units a huge boast in popularity. There are a large number of companies that connect condo owners with transients who want to rent apartments for short periods of time and some condo owners privately advertise their units.

Who are the suite hotel operators?

It can be an investor who owns one or more units and either advertises their furnished condos using a website reservation site, such as VRBO, AIRBN or HomeAway to find tenants or who hires a company to manage their rental units for them.

      Location for Skyline Executive Suites condo rentals

There are companies, such as Skyline Executive Suites who both own units and manage rental condos for investors. On the Internet, you can find a score of companies that manage transient condo rentals in the GTA.

Companies renting suite hotel units

Here is a small example of transient rental companies and websites for short-term furnished rentals in Toronto.
Alfred Furnished Apartments
Home sweet home
JJ Furnished Apartments & Suites
Canada Suites
Minto Furnished Apartments
Celebrity Condo Services
Premiere Executive Suites
Corporate Stays
Silkwood Properties
Executive Stay  (Pelican)
Skyline Executive Suites
Executive Travel
Today Living Group
Toronto Furnished Apartments

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