Airbnb & condos

Airbnb has changed over the years from being home owners renting out a room to visitors as a cheaper alternative to them staying in hotel rooms, to being a serious commercial competitor to the hotel industry.

In addition to offering spare bedrooms in people's homes, where the guest shares a house or apartment with the host, Airbnb is now used by individuals and companies as commercial businesses renting condo units to visitors who may or may not even see their host.

This map by shows the Airbnb locations in Toronto.
The red dots are entire units for rent, the green dots are for private rooms and the blue dots are shared room.

While the green and blue dots are scattered throughout the city, the red dots follow the clusters of condos along Toronto's waterfront, the downtown core and along the subway and LRT lines.

This map shows the how the commercial (red dot) Airbnb units follow the condos that line the Yonge Street subway from the 401 up to Finch and the Sheppard subway line from Yonge Street to Don Mills.

You can check out your neighbourhood here.

Not a complete picture
This just shows listings on Airbnb. It does not include short-term rentals by all of Airbnb's competitors or private listings by individuals or companies on the Internet.

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