Downtown Vancouver condo dwellers are charging people nearly $1,000 a month to live in tiny dens
The Georgia Straight
by Travis Lupick
26 January 2018

The price of a den in Vancouver is fast approaching $1,000 a month.

These tiny rooms have been available for rent on Craigslist for a few years now. They typically have room for little more than a single bed and a small nightstand. On the plus side, they usually come with free wi-fi.

Now dens are advertised at prices that just a few years ago might have covered an entire one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver.

CTV News has an article out today (January 26) where they share a Craigslist post for a den in a downtown condo that’s available for $850 a month.

"Furnished private den with single bed and shelving inside," reads a copy of the ad posted on CTV's website. "Very spacious mirrored closet just next to the door. Bathroom and common areas shared with only 2 clean working professionals....Safe and healthy environment, great for travellers, new beginnings, students, etc."

I couldn’t find that ad when I went on Craigslist looking for it. But I did find others just like it.

For example, there’s a den in an apartment near the intersection of Pacific Street and Richards that’s advertised at $950 a month.

“I am offering a room share situation for a non smoker, non drinker, ESL student or busy professional. School or work is a must,” that ad reads. “This is not for entire unit. This is for bed in den.

“When responding to ad. Please tell me about your and your needs.”

It’s specified there that whoever is lucky enough to make it through the application process for the den will not be allowed to have friends over.

"Due to size and privacy no guests or sleep over guests," the ad reads.

For $950 a month the room does include wi-fi.

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