Personal services

There are so many of personal services operated out of residential condo units that it is hard to determine a total inventory of the kinds of services and the total number of units involved.

Some services such as hairdressing, tutoring, fortune telling, tailors and dress making if they are part time operations may not even be detected by the other condo residents.

More likely, residents that give music or dance lessons, or operate illegal day cares, will be far quicker to upset the neighbours.

Illegal businesses

A classified ad in the back of NOW magazine

Blind pigs, bootleggers, gambling dens and drug pushers are undesirable neighbours and the other residents will soon be hollering to management, or the police, that these operations should be shutdown: immediately. The same goes for body rub parlors and brothels.

If management does not act, then residents may post their concerns on complaint forums on the Internet.

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