Single family provisions dumped

However, to maximize sales, many developers of new condominium towers, have removed the single-family restrictions in their declarations. The sections dealing with unit residence may state:
Use only as private single family residences.
This is the preferred wording.
Use as per municipal by-laws.
A board can have the corporation's law firm to draft a rule to control hotel-like rentals.
Use specifically allows transient, hotel-like rentals
The board requires a change to the declaration to change this section.

Municipal zoning
A building's zoning is established prior to construction and it states the usages that are allowed for the lot. If the developer wants to allow transient hotel-type units in the condominium residential units, the zoning will include a paragraph like this which is in the zoning for 500 Front St W in Toronto.
(2) 9.
A suite-hotel is permitted and for the purposes of an RA (reinvestment Area) district, means those portions of a residential complex composed of transient living accommodation having self-contained bathroom and kitchen facilities.
So the city knows that transient suite-hotels exist in condominiums and will compete for clients that would normally use commercial hotels, motels and bread and breakfast establishments.

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