Transient rentals made a comeback

By simply making a few changes in declarations for their new condo projects, the developers allowed transient rentals to operate in the residential suites.

The first ones to operate transient rental units in these condos were the developers themselves.

The developers
A few Toronto developer retain units in a few of their condominium projects to rent them on a short-term basis. Delsuites, a member of the Tridel Group, and Minto have short-term rental units (minimum stay 30 days) in a number of locations in the GTA.

Delsuites 15 condo locations in the GTA

Delsuites rents furnished condo apartments, townhouses and a few semi and detached houses in the GTA. Some of Tridel's new condo developments feature suite-hotel units.

Minto's short-term rental suites locations in Toronto

Minto has fewer locations and, so far, they are located on the Yonge Street subway line.

Transient rental units
Here are the unit numbers for suite hotel units at one west-end Toronto condominium building.



1731 1737
1739 1745
1631 1637 1638

The developer's subsidiaries rent furnished suites for no less than 30 days. They boast of all the condo's amenities that their guests can use.

Owners may not be aware
Some resident-owners in the newer condominium corporations are not aware that their declarations allow for short-term rentals, boarders and roomers.

In a growing number of GTA condos, many owners don't realize that the developer has a subsidiary renting condo units as short-term hotel rooms in their building or that the condo's property management company may be also be managing the renting of individual units for absentee owners.

You can see how there can be so many conflicting interests and how hard it can be for an outsider to win a position on the board of directors.

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