Transient rental accommodations

Until recently, almost all residential condominiums had a section in the declaration stating that the residential units were to be used only as single-family residences.

With this provision in the declaration, renting rooms to non-family members is not permitted. An owner could lease his unit to a single-family but not to unrelated college or university students, nor could residential units be rented out on a short-term basis; nothing less than six months.

Only one lease a year, for no less than six-months, is the norm.

This provision in the declaration is commonly ignored by the board unless there are issues with unruly residents, locks on the bedroom doors, parking problems or serious over-crowding.

The courts
In 2002, MTCC #1385 at 109 Front Street East  was successful in the courts in stopping the short-term rentals in their buildings. Their victory set a precedent for all condos in Ontario.

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