Saint John condo residents given eviction notices because condo corporation can’t afford repairs
Global News
Andrew Cromwell
14 July 2016

More than 30 tenants of Mitchell Condos in the north end of Saint John are being evicted because of structural integrity issues with the buildings.

The tenants received letters this week alerting them to the situation.

The letter from Saint John County Condominium Corporation Number 13 stated a number of issues were identified by the City of Saint John, including structural integrity, electrical and fire safety and water damage.

The letter says repairs could amount to about $3 million, which is a cost the condo corporation says it can’t cover right now.

Shirley Mahar, 80, has lived in the complex for 31 years and says she was “devastated” by the news.

“Make them do something besides give you less than a month’s notice,” she said.
“I mean, two weeks notice is pretty crappy.”

The situation with these residences began well over a year ago following a complaint to the city, according to Deputy Mayor Shirley McAlary.

She believes some condo owners have made the necessary repairs but describes it as an unfortunate situation all around.

“It’s just unfortunate that repairs were not done,” McAlary said. “It’s a great location but the building needs work and people haven’t been able to provide the finances to do it.”
Mahar says her daughter has found her another apartment but moving is not something she wants to do.

“Once I got moved in here and settled with family pictures … it’s just right for me,” she said.

The original eviction notice given to residents to vacate their premises as of July 31 has been rescinded.

In a further letter to residents, they have been told they are allowed to stay in their homes past August 1, but no definitive date has been set on when they will have to leave.

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