The need to change the by-laws

In the latest change to Ontario's Condo Act, in 2015, the politicians ignored pleas to add wording in the Act that would grant owners the right to communicate to the corporation's other owners on the condo's property on issues of common interest.

The politicians made sure that their election workers had access to the voters but they continued to deny that right to candidates running in condo elections.

So it is up to each condo corporation to devise whatever election procedure by-laws they see fit or to leave the matter silent if that suits them better.

Election by-laws should cover:

Dropping leaflets at the residential units.

The hours during which candidates or petitioners can knock on doors requesting support or proxies.

A "Do Not Disturb" list of owners who do not want candidates or petitioners knocking on their doors.

Use of the Party Room so owners can meet the candidates and ask them questions and hear their goals and policies.

Candidates' names on proxies & ballots will be listed in alphabetical order. (No prime ballot positioning will be allowed.)

Whether or not owners can ask the candidates questions after they make their campaign speech.

(Personally, I think the candidates should decide if they are willing to answer up to three questions from the owners.)

The time when the registration desk closes and no new proxies will be accepted and no ballots issued.

(You want to fix the number of ballots and proxies so someone can't stuff the ballot box.)

All candidates be allowed to appoint a scrutineer to insure the voting is fair.

If there is reason to believe that the property management may be biased, an independent outside party receives the completed proxies and mans the registration desk.

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