Indian medical students turned away by condo in Davao City due to their smell
Phillipine News
By Jay Nelz
06 February 2017

Alleged medical students from India were rejected and turned away by a Condo management in Davao City because of their smell.

Filipinos are well-known as the most hospitable person all around the world when it comes to accommodating their visitors. They were also admired by foreign nationals on how they accompany their guests and showing their politeness toward others.

In Davao City, some Filipinos show an act of discrimination to some Indian nationals who supposed to move-in as room borders. The medical students from India were banned and have never been given a chance to enter the establishment for one unacceptable and inhumane reason.

The Indian students were snubbed and rejected by the property management due to their “smell”. It is very common assumption that all Indian nationals have a distinct odor but it is not a valid reason to discriminate them.

The foreign students carrying their luggage’s and belongings were forced to stay outside and spend the night on the streets while looking for an alternative place to stay.

A netizen named “Cudlob Doow Lezah” posted the photo of the Indian students in the social media. Lezah together with 3 other agents went along with Indian students to help them find a safe place to stay but they have failed to have. The medical students haven’t eaten yet since they have arrived in Davao.

Lezah’s post has garnered 4.7k, 2, 409 shares, 1k comments, and more than 1k comments. Netizens expressed their sympathy for the medical student. They have also expressed their disappointment to the mistreatment of the Condo management towards Indian nationals.

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