Rating the on-line condo director training program

Manditory training for condo directors was one of the drivers for the 2015 changes to the Condominium Act as it was recognized by all that uninformed directors was a serious problem.

So instead of having classroom style instruction like community colleges and first aid training, or a self-read manual like what applicants must read and understand before they can take a driver's road test, the Ministry came up with a series of on-line modules that anyone can take on any computer at their own pace but with no printed manual that can be used for reference.

There is no way of knowing if the director is the one who is typing in the answers and not a substitute.

What's more, it is impossible for anyone to fail. When the "student" answers the questions, they just have to select the possible answers until he selects the right one and then they move on.

Finally, the information that the director recieves doesn't stick. A day later, it is possible little or nothing from the moduleshas been absorbed.

CondoMadness's rating:  F

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