Changchun   长春市

Changchun is the capital city of Jilin province

Known as the "Detroit of China", Changchun is determined that this automobile manufacturing giant, and transportation hub, does not follow in Detroit's footsteps. So far, there is no sign of this happening.

Changchun, about twice the size of Toronto, has a large industrial, educational and educational sectors and is an important research and development centre in north-eastern China.


Imperial palace

In 1932, the Japanese made Changchun the capital city of Manchukuo, their puppet Chinese empire and put Puyi, the last Chinese emperor, on the throne.

Today, his palace is a tourist attraction and Chinese school children visit to learn about the Japanese atrocities against the Chinese people.

Auto industry

Two million FAW, Red Flag, Audi, Volkswagen General Motors and Toyota automobiles and trucks are assembled in Changchun every year along with agricultural machinery and Bombardier light passenger trains.

A Changchun Bombardier Railway Vehicles light train

Changchun has three light-train lines, one subway line, two street car lines, two train stations and a very efficient bus system.


It also has thousands of condominium apartment buildings and its housing stock is constantly being upgraded in a new housing boom that would astonish Canadians.

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