Home break-ins is a big problem in China. I was sure that Shanghai would be no different from any of the other Chinese cities I visited. (See the steel bars on the windows?)

This older condo building touches the sidewalk so there is no room for fencing or walls. The steel lobby doors are fitted with a fob reader. The residents and visitors then walk up a common staircase to the individual units.

Security relies on limiting the number of active fobs, steel front doors, an additional three deadbolts barred windows and the neighbours keeping watch on suspicious behaviour.

This condo building has a courtyard with a steel gate. Once inside, a burglar can freely walk up the eight flights of stairs. Watchful neighbours and good quality steel doors are the main defence from robbery.

The residents of this condo building put their faith in steel bars. Even the air conditioners have bars. It looks more like a county jail than a residential condo building.

Electrically powered steel gates are very common in China. They are operated by a security guard sitting in a guard hut.

This is an upscale condo townhouse complex. It is protected by walls and an impressive large steel gate.

This expensive multi-tower residential complex is protected by security guards, tall walls and wide black steel gates with gold-coloured spikes on top.

The Chinese also use CCTV security cameras. Lots of them.

This condo takes security seriously. It has sharp spikes on top of tall steel fencing backed up by video cameras.

When I came across this large condo complex it stood out from the rest.

It was obviously an upscale luxury condo complex. The units were large and they had to be very expensive. Yet, I did not see bars on the windows. A gated community with glass walls?

I had to take a closer look.

The entrance was on a side street, The complex is a gated community protected by tall stone walls.

It has a manned security guard hut and impressive main gates.

There were lots of CCTV cameras.

Well now. this condo also has sharp spikes and razor wire on top of tall steel fencing.

But wait; there's more. They also had this warning sign.

Electric fencing. I have not yet seen a condo complex in Toronto sporting one of these.

When I went back to the front of the building, I spotted the electrical wires running along the top of the glass walls.

No wonder the residents don't think they need steel bars on their windows.

Here is another gated condo complex that has electric fencing. Once I knew electrical fencing existed, I noticed a lot more of it.

Is this our future?
Perhaps. We may not be ready yet for razor wire and electric fencing but I do see a growing need for stronger security measures in our condo complexes.

One day condos will adopt fingerprint or facial recognition readers to control who can enter condo buildings, elevators and parking garages. These devices are a big improvement over keys and fobs that can be duplicated or shared by several people.

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