Officials seek to curb problems associated with high-rise condos
The Nation
18 June 2017

A collaborative project has taken off in the hope of preventing Bangkok residents from developing Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). SBS symptoms include headache, nausea, coughing, sneezing, rashes, stuffy nose and irritated eyes.

“This is a new challenge as we try to promote good health among people,” Dr Chanwit Wasantanarat of the Thai Health Promotion Foundation said this week.

As high-rise condo projects mushroom across the capital, more and more people are living in high-density, vertical housing.

Most have busy lifestyles, with a lot of stress and little interaction with neighbours.

A survey of people living in Bangkok condominiums showed 95 per cent of respondents said people’s failure to comply with rules posed a major obstacle to coexistence. About 67 per cent of respondents complained about a sense of unfamiliarity among people living in the same building and hoped condo managers would take better care of residents.

Chanwit said an awareness of condo residents’ needs prompted the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to join hands with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and property developer LPN Development Public Company Limited to develop a condo-community-management model.

The model has already been implemented at five condo communities by engaging community leaders in promoting interaction and educating community members.

“Following the implementation of this model, conflicts within the communities reduce,” LPN managing director Somsri Techakraisri said. “Community members have shown greater acceptance of their community leaders.”

BMA official Mayuree Thaoladda said the model would also prove practical in other big cities such as Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen and Hat Yai.

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