Transition to democracy

The administrator must plan for his departure. After all, his is a short-term court appointed "dictator" that has to yield to an elected board as quickly as it seems prudent.

In order for this to happen, the administrator needs to work with the owners to build skill sets among them so when he is replaced by an elected board, it will have the knowledge and enough experience to be successful.

Administrators usually encourage owner committees and allows the elections of a "shadow board" under his guidance so that these skills can develop.

Removal of an administrator
After an administrator has been appointed, if the owners are unhappy with his performance, a party may bring an application to court to have him/her removed and replaced with another individual.

Sometimes a group of owners will try to persuade the judge that the corporation is ready to return to self-governance.

However, it is more common that once the necessary repairs have been completed and the corporation's finances are back in order, the administrator will advise the court that the condo corporation is ready to return to self-governance.

The test for the removal of an administrator is the same as that for the appointment of an administrator.

The applicants must be able to convince the court that they have a viable business plan, the necessary skills and the support of enough owners to be able to successfully manage the condo corporation.

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