A Toronto couple were enjoying their meal at a newly opened restaurant when a city health inspector posted this DineSafe notice on the window. They decided not to order desert.

Most condo owners don't know that Toronto also has SwimSafe, a similar health inspection program for all public swimming pools and spas.

Condo pools are great—right?

This advertisement for a new condo complex in Singapore uses their far less crowded and more private swimming pool as a selling feature. Rightfully so. Yet condo pools and spas need regular maintenance and health inspections.

Pool & spa inspection and disclosure system
Public pools and spas (hot tubs) are regulated under the Health Protection and Promotion Act in the province of Ontario, and are inspected by Public Health Inspectors as mandated by the Ontario Recreational Water Protocol.

Inspections for recreational water facilities
All recreational water facilities in the City of Toronto are regularly inspected between two and four times per year, depending on the facility's operating period. Facilities that are operated year-round receive four inspections, while seasonal facilities receive two inspections.

Inspection results
The inspection results for all public pools and spas are published on Toronto's Department of Health's website.

On this page you can find all the water facilities in Toronto. Click on the building you are interested in and you will see that condo's current inspection results and its history.

Excellent history

At this condo, all inspections for the last three years are Green. Great job by our superintendent's and the pool contractor. Our seniors can enjoy the pool with confidence and you can invite your grandchildren to enjoy your indoor pool here with no worries.
(Proper disclosure. Got to say that this is my condo.)

Disappointing history

This indoor pool had four Conditional Passes in one year. I would not swim in this pool and I would be grilling my board about these disgraceful inspection reports at the next AGM.

Poor history

Here is an indoor spa at another condo that does not fare so well. Twice Closed and two Conditional Passes in two years. Humm, if you live here, you may be better off sticking to your bathtub.

Inspection infractions
The failure of a facility operator to meet the minimum requirements or standards set out in legislation is referred to as an infraction.

Toronto Public Health has grouped infractions into three simplified classifications for reporting under the Pool and Spa Inspections Disclosure Program: Minor, Serious, and Critical.

These infraction classifications include all of the requirements under the Public Pools Regulation (565/90, as amended), Public Spas Regulation (428/05, as amended) and help operators to understand the seriousness of the infractions.


If the inspector finds no infractions, or only a couple of minor ones, the condo receives green Pass notices.

Conditional pass

A Conditional Pass means that there was one serious infraction. The condo has three days to correct the problem before the inspection returns to re-inspect the spa or pool. If the infraction is corrected, the facility is given a Pass.

To reduce the risk of critical infractions and to eliminate associated health or safety hazards, the inspector may orally order the operator or owner to take immediate action. An order may include:
• Instructing the facility users to leave the facility.
• Closing the facility for the length of time specified in the order.
• Any other action that will reduce or eliminate any hazard and the exposure of facility users to that hazard.

Condo responsibilities
Operators are expected to have knowledge and proper training in the operation of the facility, and so should never allow critical hazards to develop. Critical hazards may lead to enforcement action, whether or not the operator takes immediate action to remedy the hazard or remove users from the facility. In the event an order is issued, either orally or in writing, and the receiver of that order does not immediately comply, enforcement action is likely to be undertaken by the inspector.

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