Charting Toronto’s housing bubble
Tamsin McMahon
07 August  2014

Here is a chart from this article showing what neighbourhoods in Toronto had the highest increase in condo prices over the last 18 years.

Clearly some neighbourhoods have been very good for the condo buyer. (All figures in these maps been adjusted for inflation.)

Granted, not every area of the city has seen an explosion in condos. Many of those areas that have seen condo prices more than double, like Riverdale, have relatively few condo developments, especially compared to downtown.

By contrast, neighbourhoods, like Rosedale, the Bridle Path and the Junction have seen some pretty lackluster gains in condo prices, but are also home to comparatively few condos. Many of those neighbourhoods also had very few condos back in 1996.

Much of the recent condo boom is centred around the downtown.

 Neighbourhoods like C1 (which I’ve called Downtown West) has seen prices nearly double over the past 14 years, meaning downtown condos have largely been a good investment so far.

Prices haven’t grown nearly as quickly in condo-heavy suburban areas like W6 in Etobicoke, which I’ve called Mimico, where prices are up just 36 per cent.

The same can be said for the condo boom along the subway line in North York, where prices have risen just 40 per cent.

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