Forming a slate
I like the noise of democracy.
James Buchanan

It is one thing to know that you need to replace your existing board of directors but it is another thing altogether to find five, or at least three, able and willing candidates to take their place.

The group of candidates that agree on certain principals or goals and work together to get elected two or more elected positions is called a slate.


The Act states that a director must be:
At least 18 years old
Fit to manage property. (mentally competent.)
Not bankrupt.

A person immediately ceases to be a director if:
the director becomes unable to manage property.
has a lien put on his unit that is not cleared within 90 days.

Otherwise anyone in the world is eligible to become a candidate. However, a condo corporation's bylaws may add further restrictions such as:
A director must be registered owner.
No one can be a director if they or any family member is in litigation against the corporation.
No one can be a candidate if they have resigned from the board for the remainder of their term plus an additional two years without the board's approval.

As your group works to gain support among the owners, you need to find qualified persons who are willing to be candidates that will stand for election to replace the board.

Your candidates need to agree on a set of principals and a campaign platform that they will implement on assuming office.

If your candidates are going to run for office at the AGMs then it will take at least two years to form a majority of the board. Your group has to understand that this is a long term undertaking.

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